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Take your education organization to the next level.

With CourseGarden, your staff will be better prepared and your students will be more satisfied.


From crystal clear student-staff communication to feedback surveys your education activities will become transparent and measurable.

Impress your clients with a beautiful and customized learning environment

Stand out from the crowd by providing and instant demo to prospects for a higher conversion rate. Launch new courses to your existing customers effortlessly and create fully functional demo in minutes.

Students and teams thrive in CourseGarden

From coursework to presentations, from student assessment to end of year tests.


CourseGarden will be the single channel you need to collaborate and communicate with your students!


Reuse existing course materials

From copying a single presentation to entire courses CourseGarden provides the right tools for re-using, sharing and collaborating on course material for continuous improvement.


Avoid the chaos in student communication

With CourseGarden you can easily communicate tasks, manage coursework and assessment with just a few clicks.

Provide the best technologies and services for your partners

Be on the cutting-edge of the latest technologies and trends from blended learning to adaptive testing and beyond.

Try CourseGarden for free

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